REST API Updates (November 2022)



The speaker title field had its maximum length increased from 50 to 100.

Assign Speaker to Session endpoint can now assign speakers to a category via the speakerCategory field.



  • Card details have the following new fields:
    • billingAccountId represents the billing account id for the virtual card.
    • fullName represents the first and last name of the user who requested the card.
    • reportingFields  contain a list of report field names and their corresponding value.
    • cardHolderName represents the name of the cardholder.
    • last7 represents the card’s last seven digits.
  • Card transactions have a new description field which represents a user input description of the card.


  • Session object now has an  field, which indicates what admission item a session is included with.
  • List sessions endpoint can now filter sessions based on locale.


  • Standalone surveys added a customField  array, which contains all the user-input custom field names, codes and their values.
  • Requests to the List surveys endpoint can now set a limit  parameter to control results per page and a token parameter to select a page of results to view.


The session attendance objects duration  field is deprecated. Durations can now be found with the List attendance duration endpoint.

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