Cvent Events App for Salesforce Enhancements Released!

General, Event Management

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Cvent Events App for Salesforce Phase 2! Phase 2 brings a number of new enhancements designed to help automate your processes and bring more flexibility to existing features.

  • Link Cvent events with Salesforce campaigns: In Salesforce, you can now have Cvent event attendees automatically added to your campaigns! Choose the exact mapping between attendee and campaign member statuses and attendees will flow directly into your campaign when they reach a certain status.
  • Automatically create tasks and opportunities: Automate task and opportunity creation based on event and attendee criteria. For example, you can have tasks created for your sales users when contacts and leads register for or attend an event. You can also have opportunities created for your new prospects using similar criteria!
  • Control invitation email sending in Salesforce: Do your event’s invitation emails go out at scheduled intervals? Do you not want sales users sending one-off invitations? You can now configure your event so that any contacts or leads invited from the app are just added to invitation lists (as opposed to being sent invitation emails).
  • Modify registrations: Coming directly from Salesforce, sales users can now reach the event website to modify or cancel registrations for attendees. The email address and confirmation number of attendees are available in Salesforce as well, making it an easy and frictionless experience for sales users.
  • Show sales users as senders of invitation emails: Sales users can now have their name and email address used in the From fields of the invitation emails they send to their contacts and leads. This makes the emails more personal and recognizable.
  • Track event participation: Curious to know who attended your event? We are now syncing over the “Participated” field to Salesforce so your users will know exactly who attended and who was a no-show.
  • Assign user group as a nomination approver: Instead of just selecting single users to approve nomination requests, you can now select a user group. This also offers the flexibility for you to require approval from all users in the group or just one of them.
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