Cvent Events App for Salesforce Enhancements – Version 3.3 Release

General, Event Management

Version 3.3 contains bug fixes to improve the application. It specifically addresses the following issues:
  • In certain scenarios for Version 3.2, a user trigger issue was preventing users from making any changes to the Salesforce user object. This issue has been fixed with Version 3.3.
  • For the classic Salesforce UI, the Invite button is now visible even if you allow users to add to the invitation list but don’t allow them to send invitations from the application.
  • For campaign member status mapping, any change in “Attended” status value for an attendee can now independently update the mapped Campaign member status for that attendee. For the previous packages, it relied on the “Attendee status” update to happen at the same time.

Upgrade steps are listed here.

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