Cvent GlobalMeet Integration Updates


Cvent’s GlobalMeet Integration now has several new features:

  1. Improved performance: General technical improvement when syncing registration data from Cvent to GlobalMeet and when updating participation data in Cvent.
  2. More accurate participation data: Event and Session Check-in time is now reflecting the attendee’s earliest login/join time to the GlobalMeet Webcast, and Check-out time is reflecting the attendee’s latest logout/leave time from the GlobalMeet Webcast.
  3. Workflow Enhancements:
    • Event participation can now be marked based on session participation.
    • Walk-ins that directly join GlobalMeet meetings without previously registering will be sync’d back to Cvent.
    • Retroactive Sync: if data is missing due to timing or setup gaps, this option allows you to resync webinar data, registrations along with personalized URL’s, participation data and walk-ins.
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