Cvent REST API for Early Adopters


We’re excited to announce the release of the new Cvent REST API for Early Adopters.


  • Clients can now access the new Cvent Developer Portal, which includes API documentation and self-service credentials provisioning.
  • Basic REST API endpoints are now available with more in development.

New Cvent Developer Portal

The new Cvent Developer Portal is now available for clients to access tools required to build integrations with Cvent:

API Documentation: The Cvent Developer Portal hosts documentation in standard OpenAPI format. This rich documentation provides the latest state of Cvent APIs, along with sample request and response structures.

Self Service Credentials Provisioning: Developers can log in to the portal and manage their own API credentials and scopes (permissions).

  • Your Cvent administrators can now invite and manage your developers, without a Cvent support representative involved. This allows you to manage your API credentials in a secure, flexible and convenient way.
  • Through the invitation email, developers can sign up and activate their accounts on the Developer Portal.

Basic REST API Endpoints

The first set of API endpoints is included to pull data about Contacts, Attendees, Events, Meeting Requests, and Appointments. These allow planners to integrate Cvent data with their existing CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

For more details and help with setup, check out the getting stared guide.

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