Cvent Salesforce App – 4.1 Release

Event Management

We’re excited to announce the release of version 4.1 of the Cvent Salesforce App (previously known as the Cvent Events App for Salesforce)!

What’s new?

Map Cvent attendee fields to Salesforce campaign member custom fields: Keep your Salesforce campaign member records up to date with event-related details. You can now automatically add Cvent attendee data to your campaign member custom fields when members are created from a Cvent event. In the Salesforce app, go to Cvent Admin > Field Mappings to configure the mappings.

Cvent connection status update: Now, if a Cvent token expires, the connection to Cvent will be marked as inactive in the app and an error will be logged under Cvent logs. This allows you to see the true state of the connection and take any required actions.

Update to conditions for filters: Conditions can now have values of up to 4000 characters and the values can include semicolons. Previously, conditions were limited to 255 characters and semicolons acted as a delimiter.

Debug mode updates: All workflows in the app can now be tested using the Salesforce debug mode. Just make sure debug mode is turned off after troubleshooting is complete.

Migration tool: The new migration tool helps you transfer your data and configurations from the old Cvent Events App for Salesforce (version 3.2.8 and above) to the brand new Cvent Salesforce App (version 4.1).

Note: If you’re using version 4.0, you can easily install the latest version of the app. No manual post-installation steps are required. If you’re using version 3.3 or below, you can use the new migration tool to upgrade to the latest version.

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