Cvent Salesforce App – 5.0 Release

General, Event Management

We are pleased to announce that Cvent Salesforce App version 5.0 is now live.

Sync Attendee Activities

Your Salesforce users can now access information about digital and physical attendee interactions throughout the lifecycle of your event, providing them with valuable insight about their prospects.

This includes:

  • Session enrollment and participation
  • Appointment statuses
  • Exhibitor booth scans using LeadCapture
  • Event feedback submissions
  • Email delivery status and click-tracking

Data related to these activities can also be passed to Salesforce and used to trigger automatic task creation for Sales follow-up.

Sync Sessions: Track Cvent sessions details and participation information with the help of campaigns and campaign members right inside Salesforce.

Use Salesforce Formula Fields in Mappings: You can now include Salesforce formulas in field mapping configurations for contacts, leads, and person accounts. Please note these mappings will only be used for data sent to Cvent, not for updating records in Salesforce.

Match Only with Desired Objects: You no longer need to set up field matching for objects you aren’t going to use as prospects. This means:

  • If matching is not specified for an object, it will be skipped.
  • If matching is not specified at all, the “No Match” rule will be enforced for all new Cvent contacts.
  • Once a Salesforce prospect is tied to a Cvent contact (as a result of an invitation, registration, or attendee sync), it will be handled according to the “Single Match” rule.
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