Cvent Salesforce App – 5.1 Release


We’re excited to announce the release of version 5.1 of the Cvent Salesforce App!

Support for Nonprofit Success Pack and Education Data Architecture: The Cvent Salesforce App is now compatible with the NPSP and EDA account models, allowing you to create new Salesforce contacts without assigning them accounts.

For these account models, you can instead let Salesforce or other custom logic decide how to assign newly created contacts.

Send invitation automatically after nomination gets approved: You can now automatically send invitations to prospects whenever nominations are approved by all decision makers. Previously, prospects with approved nominations had to be invited manually.

Nomination comments: Requesters and approvers can now add comments on nominations. In addition, Salesforce admins can set up templates to help these stakeholders add relevant comments throughout the nomination process. Admins can also make comments required or optional.

Use dynamic tags in Tasks & Opportunities configurations: You can now add tags to tasks and opportunities configurations to dynamically show relevant data when tasks and opportunities are created. Please note that existing tasks and opportunities won’t be updated if the data in the tags is modified later.

Create Tasks & Opportunities in case of multiple matches: You can now create tasks and opportunities in case of no match, single match, multiple matches, or any combination of these three scenarios to handle your business processes more granularly.

Use Salesforce IDs, references, and regular text areas in field matching configuration: More field types are now available for record matching between Cvent contacts and Salesforce objects. You can now match records using ID, reference, and text area Salesforce field types.

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