Cvent Salesforce App – 5.4 Release

General, Event Management

We’re excited to announce the release of version 5.4 of the Cvent Salesforce App! This release mainly includes technical updates.

Lead conversion flow update: When an SF Lead is converted to a contact, the corresponding attendee’s nomination and attendee activity records are now re-assigned to the contact. This allows you to keep all attendee data with the single associated SF record.

Picklist dropdown optimization: When defining filter conditions in the SF App configurations (like for tasks, event visibility, campaign member invitation etc), the picklist field value selection drop down is now optimized to support large number of values. This prevents the browser from getting into an unresponsive or frozen state.

Optimization during Attendees sync: A few technical updates are made to improve the efficiency and performance when syncing attendee data from Cvent to SF.  This also helps in avoiding the “CPU timeout” error.

Treating Cvent contact stub in case-insensitive manner on attendees sync: Attendee data sync was enhanced to treat Cvent contact stub in case-insensitive manner to avoid sync failures in case the Cvent stub is stored on SF record in different register.

NOTE: If you’re upgrading from an older version (5.1 or below), please ensure you get the latest metadata. Salesforce admins can do this from the Cvent App Configuration page after the app is upgraded.

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