Cvent Salesforce App – 5.5 Release

General, Event Management

We’re excited to announce the release of version 5.5 of the Cvent Salesforce App!

Sync Cvent event question answers: Map Cvent event question tags with SF attendee custom fields to keep track of event question answers right in attendee record details in SF.

SF app as “External Data Source”: Now SF app can be configured as an external data source to retrieve contact information for your attendees during the registration for an event.

Support for CCPA “Do Not Sell” info: Now SF app retrieves the CCPA “Do Not Sell” status, requester, and requested date from Cvent, so that you can use this info for mapping with your SF records. Note that pushing this data from SF to Cvent is not supported.

Support for Cvent contact “Prefix” field: Now the SF app retrieves contact prefixes from Cvent, so that you can map it with your SF records. In addition, you can push prefixes from SF into Cvent as a part of invitation and registration flows.

Support for new Cvent attendee-level fields: Now the SF app synchronizes additional attendee info, such as:

  • Responded Through
  • Reference ID
  • Unsubscribed From Event
  • Event Check-In Date
  • Group Leader
  • Group Confirmation Number
  • Internal Note

NOTE: If you’re upgrading from an older version (5.1 or below), please ensure you get the latest metadata. Salesforce admins can do this from the Cvent App Configuration page after the app is upgraded.

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