Cvent Salesforce App – 6.1 Release

General, Event Management

We’re excited to announce the release of version 6.1 of the Cvent Salesforce App!

Specify a default value for any mapped field: Default values can be used for any mapped field in the Salesforce App, regardless of its field type. The Salesforce App uses the default value when syncing blank/null data from Cvent to Salesforce.

Set up field mappings to update SF records with static values: You can now leave Cvent fields blank during the field mapping process. Add a default value to have that value filled into an SF record during data syncs.

Sync Cvent custom fields into SF long text areas: Previously, Cvent custom text fields were replicated as a regular text field in SF, which had a limit of 255 characters. You can now replicate custom fields as long text areas in SF to store more than 255 characters. Note: Remember that Salesforce can’t use long text areas in filters, such as record matching criteria or event visibility setup.

Get new attendee activity types from Cvent: The following attendee activity types will now be synced to SF:

  • Viewed exhibitor details
  • Opened exhibitor social link
  • Opened exhibitor document
  • Opened exhibitor weblink
  • Joined exhibitor virtual booth
  • Inbound lead created
  • Played video
  • Visited Attendee Hub
  • Downloaded speaker document

See which event invitees/registrants have been deleted from the Cvent address book: A new “Cvent Contact Deleted” field indicates if Cvent contact has been removed from the address book. Use this field In field mappings to track this information in SF contacts or leads.

For more details on the survey updates, see the Salesforce App 6.0 release announcement.


  • You’ll need to manually update metadata if you’ve upgraded the app from version 5.1 or below. (New installations and upgrades from above 5.1 don’t require this manual update.) To do so, go to Setup > Visualforce Pages and open “App Configuration Page” in preview mode. Find the “Update Metadata after Package Upgrade” section and click the “Update Metadata” button.
  • You’ll need to retrieve Cvent fields if you’ve upgraded the app from version 5.6 or below. To do so, go to Cvent Admin and click the “Retrieve Cvent Fields” button. This step is not needed if you don’t use Cvent custom fields.
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