Cvent Salesforce App – 6.2 Release

General, Event Management

We’re excited to announce the release of Cvent Salesforce App v6.2!

Event feedback survey: Marketers can now access all responses to the event feedback surveys in the Salesforce App and leverage the data for post-event follow-up using SF tasks, cases, etc. This feature is for the Premium license. 

Matrix and Matrix rating questions are available for survey programs: Matrix and matrix rating questions are now supported in the survey programs in Salesforce App, both for stand-alone and event feedback surveys.

Event recommendations from Cvent: Sales users can now view the list of recommended events for their prospects & contacts and add them to the event from within the new “Recommended Events” widget. The feature is available for standard & premium licenses, only in SF lightning mode.

Use multiple currencies: The Cvent accounts with multiple currencies are now fully compatible with Salesforce currencies and can be supported in SF tasks, opportunities & other objects. 

Assign new leads to a Salesforce queue: Newly created leads can now be assigned to a Salesforce queue. This feature is in parity with the lead owner assignment offered by Salesforce.


  • You’ll need to manually update metadata if you’ve upgraded the app from version 6.1 or below. (New installations don’t require this manual update.) Go to Setup > Visualforce Pages and open “App Configuration Page” in preview mode. Find the “Update Metadata after Package Upgrade” section and click the “Update Metadata” button.
  • You’ll need to retrieve Cvent fields if you’ve upgraded the app from version 5.6 or below. To do so, go to Cvent Admin and click the “Retrieve Cvent Fields” button. This step is not needed if you don’t use Cvent custom fields.
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