Cvent Salesforce App – 6.4 Release

General, Event Management

We’re excited to announce the release of Cvent Salesforce App 6.4!

Sync participation substitution data to Salesforce: The Cvent Salesforce App now supports participant substitution. Substitution information is synced to Salesforce as a part of the regular attendee data sync. The original registrant will now have a Substituted status, the associated Substituted person is associated to the original’s attendee record, and all further attendee activities will be associated with the new attendee. With this update, Salesforce users will better understand attendees’ journeys and can take more informed actions.

Update previously created opportunities on registration update: The App can now create or update opportunities when attendee fields change. The most common use case for this feature will be those wishing to track how much an attendee spends on registration and items sold through Cvent, in line with other opportunities and purchases tracked in Salesforce. The App can create an opportunity for a paid event and populate the amount ordered or paid as the opportunity amount. If the registrant alters their registration to upgrade or downgrade their order, the App will reflect those amounts within the opportunity.

Assign an opportunity’s primary campaign source dynamically: You can now choose if you want an opportunity to be linked to a specific campaign, the campaign most recently linked to the event, or not to be linked. This makes it easier to attribute newly created/updated opportunities to the appropriate campaigns and track the influence of events on closed opportunities.

Allow requester to cancel a nomination request: Requesters can cancel nomination requests if they haven’t been approved or rejected. This change allows more flexibility as invitees’ availability changes, and reduces the approvers’ approval list, all while keeping the nomination history for historical reference.

Map Cvent and Salesforce fields of different types: The App now automatically converts some of the data being synced between Cvent and Salesforce fields of different data types. Thus, you can now map numeric Cvent fields to Salesforce string fields without issue, and many more. This will help reduce data sync errors and allow users to map Cvent formatted custom fields to any Salesforce fields successfully.


  • You’ll need to manually update metadata if you’ve upgraded the app from version 6.3 or below. (New installations don’t require this manual update.) Go to Setup > Visualforce Pages and open “App Configuration Page” in preview mode. Find the “Update Metadata after Package Upgrade” section and click the “Update Metadata” button.
  • You’ll need to retrieve Cvent fields if you’ve upgraded the app from version 5.6 or below. To do so, go to Cvent Admin and click the “Retrieve Cvent Fields” button. This step is unnecessary if you don’t use Cvent custom fields.
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