Cvent Salesforce App – 7.0 Release


We’re excited to announce the release of Cvent Salesforce App v7.0!

Configure the application with the help of the setup wizard: use a step-by-step guide to connect, set up and sync your Cvent Salesforce App.

Control the app features availability: control the app features availability via toggles on the configuration page. Keep the app simple to not distract your users with the features they are not interested in.

  • As part of this initiative, we deprecate out-of-the-box custom fields on both Task and Opportunity objects. For more details, refer to the “Salesforce Tasks and Opportunities” section in the user guide.

Sync Cvent picklist as a text field to Salesforce: choose if you want to sync the Cvent picklist as a regular text field into Salesforce and avoid picklist field restrictions such as the maximum picklist options count.

Sync personalized registration URLs to Salesforce: prepopulate mapped contact information into the registration form when using a Salesforce (or other Salesforce-integrated systems) email using personalized registration URLs. The URL is stored in the Attendee object and is available after a Salesforce contact/lead has been added to a Cvent invite list.

Sync UTM and external attendee activities to Salesforce: Sync new attendee activity types to Salesforce:

  • Tracked event website page visit
  • External activity for event
  • External activity for session
  • External activity for appointment
  • External activity for exhibitor


  • You’ll need to manually update metadata if you’ve upgraded the app from version 6.4 or below. (New installations don’t require this manual update.) Go to Setup > Visualforce Pages and open “App Configuration Page” in preview mode. Find the “Update Metadata after Package Upgrade” section and click the “Update Metadata” button.
  • You’ll need to retrieve Cvent fields if you’ve upgraded the app from version 5.6 or below. To do so, go to Cvent Admin and click the “Retrieve Cvent Fields” button. This step is unnecessary if you don’t use Cvent custom fields.
  • Real-time Attendee Sync consumes SF API calls and should be used only for specific status changes when absolutely required.
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