Cvent Salesforce App – 7.2 Release


We’re excited to announce the release of Cvent Salesforce App v7.2!

Set up the automated invitation of new campaign members: choose which campaign member statuses should trigger new campaign members to be automatically invited to, or added to an invitation list of a Cvent event.

This automates the invite process, further helping sales and marketing stakeholders to influence the attendee list, as well as cut down the manual work for event planning and marketing teams.

Set the pagination limit for event and attendee data sync: decrease the pagination limit of event and attendee data synchronizations in order to avoid “Apex heap size” error due to the number of Cvent custom fields.

Sync more attendee activities to SF: Uncover more of the attendee journey, whether in person or virtually, to salesforce stakeholders to better market and speak to customers and prospects.

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  • You’ll need to manually update metadata if you’ve upgraded the app from version 7.0 or below. (New installations don’t require this manual update.) Go to Setup > Visualforce Pages and open “App Configuration Page” in preview mode. Find the “Update Metadata after Package Upgrade” section and click the “Update Metadata” button.
  • You’ll need to retrieve Cvent fields if you’ve upgraded the app from version 5.6 or below. To do so, go to Cvent Admin and click the “Retrieve Cvent Fields” button. This step is unnecessary if you don’t use Cvent custom fields.
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