Cvent Salesforce App – Version 4.0 Release

General, Event Management

Welcome to the Cvent Salesforce App 4.0! This release brings a new look and feel to the app while also significantly improving the underlying architecture.
Important: In contrast to previous app updates, this new app requires a fresh installation. It cannot be directly upgraded from any previous app version. This is because the new app is a Salesforce second-generation managed package. The new package comes with many advantages, but Salesforce also currently limits direct migration from the first-generation package.
To help you with the installation, we’re building a tool that will guide you step by step through the migration process from the old app to the new app. This tool is expected to be available in May 2020. Be on the lookout for the announcement!
What’s new?
  1. Secondgeneration package: The second-generation package boasts the latest Salesforce technology along with the benefits of a modern development environment. This means more flexibility in customizing an experience for a specific set of clients without impacting others.
  2. Removed dependency on the Salesforce System Admin user: The Cvent app can now be configured by any user with the Cvent Admin permissions set, not just the Salesforce System Admin.
  3. OAuth flow: This flow helps make app configuration completely independent of the Salesforce System Admin user. Using it, a user with permissions such as Customize Application can help authorize the Cvent application to access resources on their behalf without revealing any credentials. The Cvent Admin user can then retrieve custom fields from Cvent at any time. If you don’t want to set up OAuth, you can always retrieve the custom fields directly from the app as long as you have the required permissions. You don’t need to perform this action if you dont plan on syncing custom fields from Cvent.
  4. Independent permission sets: We‘ve introduced new permission sets to provide you with more granular control over the app. Permissions for the invitation, nomination, and registration workflows as well as campaigns management can now be independently assigned to users based on your business needs.
  5. Sync even more data: You can now sync more contact and event fields from Cvent to Salesforce. These include “Registration Type, membership fields, and event fields such as “Event Type, “Has Fee, “Planning Status,” and more.
  6. Syncing data from a past date: Cvent data can now be synced to Salesforce from a past date and time. This enables you to perform the event and contact sync at any time and ensures data consistency between Cvent and Salesforce despite any past sync issues. In addition, you can now configure event and contact syncs independently.
  7. Filter campaign members before sending invitation: The new app allows you to filter campaign members by contact, lead, or campaign member fields, giving you the flexibility to target invitations towards a subset of your audience. Please note you cant individually check or uncheck the campaign members, but you can always apply multiple filters to further narrow down the results. If necessary, you can also send individual invitations from the contact or lead page.
  8. Event-campaign linking: The new app allows you to link the same event with multiple campaigns (and vice versa), helping you ensure your campaigns are run effectively.
  9. Control event visibility based on user and user group: You now can simply choose the users or user groups you want to share a set of events with. No more applying filters as in the previous version of the app. Its that easy!
  10. Create reports: Newly created tasks and opportunities now include references to their associated attendees and events. This lets you generate reports combining your attendee data with other Salesforce data, providing insight into the impact of your event.
  11. Handling of leadtocontact conversion workflow: When a lead gets converted to a contact, the attendee records of that lead will now be preserved and accessible under the contact record
  12. Salesforce Shield encryption: The new app is compatible with the Shieldencrypted standard fields.
  13. Orphan records and error handling: Cvent error logs are now more insightful, making it easy to resolve basic errors. We‘ve also added special handling to clean up orphan attendee records daily so you can more efficiently consume your Salesforce data storage.
Eliminated features:
  1. We have deprecated email status syncing in the new app. In the previous versions, this feature was supported only for the emails initiated from Salesforce. We will handle the email status information holistically in future. 
  2. Contact date of birth field can no longer be synced between Cvent and Salesforce since this is a secured field. 
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