Veeva Integration User Guide

November 9, 2022


This integration is deprecated as of November 7th, 2022.


Welcome to the Veeva Integration User Guide!

In this guide, you will learn about the pre-requisites and the steps to use Veeva Integration with your Cvent account. The Veeva CRM Events Management tool is a cloud based event management solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized life sciences organizations.

With this integration, administrators can integrate Cvent with Veeva CRM Events Management to help event owners plan and execute large events via Cvent directly within Veeva CRM.

For example, let’s say Sarah Jones is a user in CRM planning a large event. After creating the event in CRM, Sarah submits the event to Cvent. This submission creates a Meeting Request in Cvent with information from Sarah’s event. A Cvent admin then reviews Sarah Jones’ meeting request and decides on the next steps.

What does this integration currently offer?

  1. Automatic creation of meeting requests in Cvent through Veeva.
  2. Auto syncing of event information from Cvent to Veeva.
  3. Automatic update of attendee list in Cvent events through Veeva.
  4. Registration Status and Attendance is captured in Cvent and  automatically updated in Veeva.


To be able to use this automated integration solution there are certain prerequisites to be configured in Cvent & Veeva.

  1. At least one active new ‘Meeting Request Form’ set up in Cvent. (Only ‘Meeting Request Forms’ created using New Form Designer are configured to work with REST API which is being utilized in this integration)
  2. REST API is active for the account. (Please check here for more information)
  3. ‘Veeva Event Management’ license is set up.
  4. Integrate Cvent with Veeva CRM Events Management.

Setting up a New Meeting Request Form

  1. Once logged into Cvent, begin by clicking Admin.  Click into Meeting Request Forms under Meetings Management.
  2. Name your meeting request form, and ensure Active is switched to Yes. Under “How do you want to create your meeting request form,” select New Form Designer.
  3. Now that the basic settings are established, set up the form fields to collect information necessary for the meeting request by clicking into ‘Open Form Designer’.

Setting Up REST API

Once REST API is active for the account, ensure that a workspace is created and your developers are invited. This is essential to leverage the platform. Please click here for more information on REST API.

Configuring the Integration on Veeva

  1. Configure Cvent Integration with Events Management- Make sure the appropriate user roles are created and granted permissions to enable flow of data from Veeva to Cvent. This also includes setting up the sync scheduler to run at the appropriate scheduled time.
  2. Connect Cvent instances to Veeva CRM- Ensure that the correct Cvent instance is defined under the Cvent administration tab in Veeva. This would need the REST API credentials for the Cvent account that needs to be connected.
  3. Map Cvent data with Veeva CRM- Mapping of data between Cvent & Veeva involves multiple steps and needs to be set up in Veeva CRM

Please click here for detailed information on the steps mentioned above.

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