CrowdCompass Partner API Overview

October 22, 2019

What is the Partner API?

The CrowdCompass Partner API is a way for you to connect your content management system with the CrowdCompass EventCenter. With the Partner API, you can automatically transfer data updates in your system to the EventCenter and, ultimately, your mobile apps, saving you from manually making updates in two systems.

Some development work by your organization (or a third party) to set up the CrowdCompass Partner API for your system. CrowdCompass will provide you with the API documentation, Sandbox account for testing, and API authentication token that allows your developers to access the EventCenter.

Developing the Partner API

CrowdCompass has created the Partner API, but it will be your team’s responsibility to develop the integration from your content management system to the EventCenter. This should be done by someone with knowledge of API development.
If you do not have a technical resource available, we recommend Americaneagle as a third-party developer. Your Project Coordinator can get you in touch with a contact from Americaneagle to develop your integration.

Please provide your developers with our original Partner API documentation and our new interactive version to help them get started.

What data can be transferred?

You can transfer information about sessions, speakers, organizations, attendees, and attendee schedules. These are the data types and fields that can be built into your integration:


Session Unique IDDescriptionLocation Name
Session NameTagsImages
Start Time and Date/End Time and DateTrackPDFs

Note: Once sessions and attendees have been created through the API, you can add sessions to attendee schedules.


Person Unique IDJob TitleSocial Media Links
First NameCompanyImages
Last NameAddressPDFs
BioContact Information

Note: People do not become speakers until they are associated with a session. Once associated, a person will display within the Speakers icon in your app.


Attendee Unique IDJob TitlePhone Numbers
First NameCompanyWebsites
Last NameEmailSocial Media Links
BioAlternate EmailPersonalized Schedules
Registration/Confirmation CodeAddressCustom Fields

Note: Custom fields will sort to the bottom of attendee profiles, but can be reordered in the EventCenter under Attendees> Invited Attendees> Custom fields


Organization Unique IDAddressImages
NamePhone NumbersPDFs
TagsSocial Media Links


Pages Unique IDTags
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