Cvent Salesforce App

May 15, 2023


Salesforce made an update in the Winter ’23 package that affects many app providers, including the Cvent Salesforce App. Please ensure you are on version 6.4.2 or newer. If you are on an older version, please update to the latest version. You can find the download link within this guide.


The Cvent Salesforce App makes it easy for your sales and client success teams to add attendees to their organization’s events, directly from their system of choice – Salesforce.

In the app, users can see all the Cvent events scheduled for their organization as well as past event-related activities for their contacts and leads. The app also provides automation workflows for managing Salesforce campaign members, tasks, and opportunities. By maintaining the relationships between your events data and Salesforce tasks, opportunities, and campaigns, you can show how events contribute to your organization’s overall business.


You should have the Cvent Salesforce App license enabled in your Cvent account in order to be able to use the application. There are 3 license types available:

Feature1. Cvent Salesforce App - Data2. Cvent Salesforce App - Standard3. Cvent Salesforce App - Premium
View list of eventsxxx
View event detailsxxx
View list of attendeesxxx
View attendee details (including status and activities)xxx
Create/update Salesforce Contactsxxx
Create/update Salesforce Leadsxxx
Link Salesforce campaigns to Cvent eventsxxx
Create and manage campaigns for sessionsxxx
Add members to Salesforce campaigns, based on attendee status and activitiesxxx
Create new Salesforce tasks, based on attendee status and activitiesxxx
Create new Salesforce opportunities, based on attendee statusxxx
Add to invitation list - from event page, contacts/leads page, campaign pagexxx
Send invitation email - from event page, contact/lead pagexx
Personalize invitation email with sales user informationxx
Register on behalf of contacts/leadsxx
Modify registration of contacts/leadsxx
Event recommendations for contacts/leadsxx
Nominate contacts/leads for eventx
Manage nomination requestsx
Dynamic nomination approvers, based on event, contact/lead, or SF userx
Get notified when nomination request is approved/deniedx
Sync event feedback survey responsesx
Manage stand-alone survey programsx

Define business requirements before setting up the configuration

The Cvent Salesforce App provides a single version of the truth to your sales and marketing organizations about event and attendees data. The app provides full customization capability to be used based on individual client needs. You should have your business stakeholder, Salesforce Administrator, and Cvent Administrator define your requirements before setting up the app. Below are some guidelines.

  1. Field Mappings: Your business stakeholder should define what information about your customers and prospects would you like to sync between Cvent and Salesforce.
    1. Based on this, the SF and Cvent administrators can define the Field Mappings configuration. The app includes the default mappings for first name, last name, and email address. Beyond this, every organization has different criteria for defining what data they want to integrate across both systems.
    2. Be sure to include the required fields in the mapping, else new contacts/leads creation will fail. For example, SF Leads require last name and company. Cvent contact has Email as the required field.
  2. Record Matching Criteria: Your Salesforce administrator knows what defines the uniqueness for an SF contact or a lead record in your organization.
    1. This will help you define the Record Matching Criteria between Salesforce and Cvent data. For example, match contacts based on email address only, or match them based on a combination of fields like email address and some internal ID (custom field) etc.
    2. Ensure that the fields used in record matching are part of field mappings configuration as well.
  3. Record Matching Settings: Review what level of control would you like to give to the app to impact your SF contacts and leads database. This will be driven by your organization’s set up and CRM polices.
    1. For example: Do you want the app to only update attendees’ information without affecting your SF contacts and lead records? Or, do you want the app to update all SF records with the latest data from Cvent and also create new SF contacts or leads?
    2. This will help you define the record matching settings.
  4. Event Filtering: Your business stakeholder should define the criteria for what type of events should be accessible to which SF users.
    1. This will help you define the Event Filtering criteria. For example, users who belong to division A should only see the events being organized by division A. Whereas, global corporate events should be visible to SF users from all divisions.
  5. Permissions: Your business stakeholder should define what workflows do they want to expose to the sales users (or specific user profiles).
    1. Based on this, the Salesforce Administrator can assign the user permission sets appropriately.
  6. Data Refresh & Purge: Your business stakeholder should define how soon do they want the Cvent data to be updated in SF. And for how long the events need to be available for. Your Salesforce administrator understands how the app may consume the shared SF org resources for Apex jobs and data storage. Accordingly, define the data refresh frequency for attendees and events and the purge criteria.
  7. Advanced features: Your business stakeholder should define the workflows that impact SF Tasks, Opportunities, Campaigns etc. Similarly, in case nominations are required for the event, define the criteria for the approvers. Accordingly, these features should be configured in the app.

How Do I Get the Integration?

Contact your Cvent representative or request more information from the Cvent App Marketplace.

Integration Updates

Keep in the loop with updates to your Cvent integrations by configuring Integration Contacts in Admin > Integrations > Integration Contacts. Account users and non-account users can be subscribed and get notifications when new features are added.

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