Eloqua Integration

May 29, 2020


Here you will learn the basic steps to setting up the Eloqua integration within your account. You will also learn how to sync contacts and information between Eloqua and Cvent.

With this integration, you can do the following:

  • Capture event activity in Cvent and automatically have that information reflected in Eloqua.
  • Link event activity with existing marketing automation programs, allowing clients to build more complete customer profiles.
  • Create more engaging campaigns that accelerate the sales cycles, enhance conversation with customers, and further develop existing customer relationships.

For more information, please contact your account manager.

Helpful Hints

Check the permissions of your Eloqua users. Make sure your Eloqua users have the read and write permissions for contacts and custom objects that should be updated through the integration.

Key Terms

  • Custom object: A user-defined object in Eloqua that can be tied with a contact to capture activity.
  • Field mapping: Where a user determines how data is to be transferred.
  • Integration point: Automatic trigger for when data is transferred between Cvent and Eloqua.
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