Intrado Integration

June 6, 2022

As one of the most effective marketing channels to drive business, your virtual events program generates a lot of valuable data that complements the live event experience. Virtual event data becomes most powerful when it is combined with your registration data and paints the full picture of the user experience, from start to finish.With Intrado, easily reach audiences where they are to deliver your message anywhere in the world. Further power your virtual conferences with Cvent’s event marketing and management platform. Our Intrado integration allows all virtual conferences to be managed in Cvent. Cvent and Intrado make the creation, management, and execution of virtual conferences quick and easy.

Utilize Your Data to Drive Your Business Objectives

  • Save time and increase accuracy by eliminating manual entry
  • Have a complete view of your contacts’ event activity history
  • Streamline communications to invitees, registrants, and attendees
  • Understand how all meetings and webinars are impacting sales pipeline and closed business
  • Measure the impact and ROI of your total events program

Other Use Cases

  • Automate email communications and communicate Intrado virtual conference information to Cvent registrants
  • Build microsites for your virtual conferences and associate an Intrado event and presentations to any event or session in Cvent
  • Update contact information automatically by syncing meeting attendees to Intrado from Cvent
  • Ask pre-registration questions, collect payments, as well as mark participants in Cvent based on Intrado attendance
  • Record survey answers, documents viewed, and other engagement data from Intrado in Cvent

How Do I Get the Integration?

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