Marketo Integration

May 29, 2020


Events play an important role in an organization’s marketing mix. That’s why marketers need a seamless information exchange between their event management and marketing automation platforms. With Cvent’s Marketo partnership, not only do you have a platform to deliver better events – but event activity and attendee behavior are automatically reflected in Marketo.

Capture and Integrate the data most important to You

  • Build more complete customer profiles.
  • Integrate programs with Cvent events to automatically create email tokens with event data and personalized registration links.
  • Create campaigns that accelerate the sales cycle, increase conversions and enhance existing customer relationships.
  • Enable Cvent to fetch contact data instantly from Marketo for dynamic registration path processing and form prepopulating.
  • Set up multiple configuration options within a single Cvent account or integrate with multiple Marketo accounts.
  • Import/export contact records in bulk between Cvent and Marketo

Configure Marketo to receive the following updates from Cvent

  • Contact Updates – changes, updates and deletions
  • Email Statuses – sends, opens, bounces, unsubscribes and opt-outs
  • Event and Session Activities – website visits, registrations, participation, cancellations, no-shows, and regrets

Use any of these trigger points to update lead records, custom objects, request campaigns and add or remove from lists and programs in Marketo, automatically.


If you have any specific use cases that are not listed in this documentation, contact Cvent Support.

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