RegLink APIs

April 19, 2023


Cvent Passkey’s RegLink APIs are a set of open APIs intended to provide functional integration with external applications such as registration systems.

RegLink APIs provide external systems with the ability to interact and exchange data with Passkey’s event and hotel reservation-booking engines.

Generally, there are four primary categories of functionality that RegLink API’s support:

  1. Allow individual registrant information to be sent to Passkey to streamline the hotel reservation process for attendees. Registrants can then be directed to Passkey following their registration and reserve a hotel room without re-entering their personal data a second time in Passkey.
  2. Ability for an external system to fetch Passkey Event Details and hotel room availability based on a variety of criteria.
  3. Ability for an external system to fetch detailed reservation information for individual registrants.
  4. Ability for an external system to Create, Modify or Cancel a registrants’ hotel reservation directly or indirectly.

The RegLink API supports several primary communication methods: our new RESTful JSON-based APIs and our older URL-based and web services (XML SOAP). URL-based calls utilize basic formatted URLs to communicate information to Cvent Passkey, while our RESTful or web service APIs use a more robust set of messages to send and receive data.

Third-party applications can utilize the URL-based calls, which can simplify the development effort needed to implement the solution; however, our RESTful APIs are also available if this method is needed or preferred.

There are two main types of RegLink integrations:

Reglink Basic

Allows a third party application to send basic attendee information to Cvent Passkey. Housing reservations are then completed through the Cvent Passkey Attendee Website for the applicable Cvent Passkey event. After the registration process, attendees can be forwarded to the Cvent Passkey Attendee Website with details auto-populated to streamline the housing reservation process. This business process can be completed using our new RESTful JSON APIs or our older browser-based calls or web service/XML messages. With Reglink Basic integrations, the Cvent Passkey attendee website is always utilized to complete reservations for housing.
Note: RegExpress is not intended to be used with RegLink-related Cvent Passkey reporting. However, Reglink Basic can deliver that feature/functionality.

Reglink Advanced

Includes all the features provided in RegExpress and Reglink Basic integrations and adds the ability for a third-party application to complete all aspects of the attendee creation and reservation process. Unlike Reglink Basic integrations, the use of the Cvent Passkey Attendee Website is not required. A third-party application may utilize Reglink calls to manage all phases of the housing reservation process, including fetching housing availability and then creating, modifying, and cancelling reservations. This is a more complex method than Reglink Basic integrations as it involves following a series of phases to complete the process. This type of integration takes longer to complete and requires more testing to ensure all supported features function as expected.

Licensing – While many features are available with the API, the license model used by Passkey customers may limit available functionality. The two available license models are:

RegLink 1-Way – Information is only sent from the third-party application to Passkey. Passkey doesn’t return any data to the system making requests.
RegLink 2-Way – Information is transferred between systems in either direction based on business needs.

If the meeting planner is working with a hotel directly to enable RegLink, the 2-Way license is included. If you are working directly with a meeting planner or CVB/Destination you should have them verify which license they have.  There is no direct cost to the registration company or technology provider if a Passkey customer is involved. If they need assistance with licensing questions or technical help enabling the integration, please contact our support team.  If you are interested in partnering with Passkey and don’t have a customer – either a hotel or meeting planner/CVB/destination – involved, complete our Partner Request Form.

If you have any questions regarding the RegLink APIs, reach out to Cvent Passkey Integrations team.

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