Salesforce Integration

November 19, 2021


On September 30, 2022, this legacy Salesforce Connector will be sunset. Reach out to your Cvent Account Team to transition to the Cvent Salesforce App – 


Here you will learn the basic steps to setting up the Salesforce integration within your account. You will also learn how to import Salesforce contacts and leads into your own contact groups.

With the Salesforce integration, you can do the following:

  • Transfer Cvent contacts from your events, surveys, campaigns, and address book to Salesforce.
  • Update contacts, leads, or campaign members in Salesforce by matching them with Cvent contacts.
  • Map data fields between Cvent and Salesforce to match information between applications.
  • Create and assign tasks and opportunities within Salesforce.
  • Retrieve current Salesforce lead or contact data for pre-population into Cvent.
  • Search Salesforce for contacts, leads, or campaign members and import your results into a Cvent contact group.

For more information, please visit the Cvent Community.

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure you have Application Programming Interface (API) access in Salesforce. API is a backend interface that allows clients to retrieve their data over the Internet.
  • Be mindful of your API call limit. Salesforce limits the number of API requests, or calls, that any client can execute within a 24-hour period. These limits will vary according to your Salesforce contract or license.
  • Check the permissions of your Salesforce users. Make sure your Salesforce users have the permissions they need for the objects assigned to them.

Key Terms

  • Campaign: A marketing initiative to bring in more prospects.
  • Contact: Someone who is associated to one of your Salesforce accounts.
  • Lead: A sales prospect, or someone who has expressed interest in your product or company.
  • Object: A customizable entity, such as a contact or task, that you can use to track and store data.
  • Task: An assignment for an owner of a lead or contact.
  • Opportunity: A type of assignment that has a more complex work flow and is used to track sales and pending deals.
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