REST API Updates (August 2022)



Additional information was added to Rate limits, Country Codes and Version sections.

‘Standard surveys’ was renamed ‘Standalone surveys’ in the documentation. Standalone better represents these surveys, as they are predominately surveys created independent of a Cvent registration event.

Session objects code field had its maximum length updated from 20 to 30 characters.

Contact objects had updates to some of their field descriptions to clarify their use:

  • parentId indicates the ID of the parent contact, applicable when contact snapshot is enabled.
  • indicates the ID of the event where the contact was created, applicable when contact snapshot is enabled.


Attendee objects have new fields:

  • testRecord indicates if the attendee was created from a test registration.
  • sendEmail indicates if the attendee should be sent the confirmation email from the event.
  • attendeeLastModified indicates when data unique to the attendee record was modified. It does not update when contact information updates, like name or email.

Contact group objects have new fields:

  • securityTypeindicates the security level of the distribution list:
    1. whether someone can add themselves to the list
    2. if contacts can add themselves but must be approved by a planner
    3. if the list is completely planner controlled
  • internalNote serves any internal note the planner has attached to the contact group.
  • status indicates the status of the list: pending, processing, or complete.

Exhibitor objects have a new field profileLogoUrl that indicates the URL where the exhibitor’s logo is stored.

Lead objects have a new field mobilePhone that contains the lead’s mobile phone number.

Reservation objects have new fields bookingSite that indicate the booking website URL.

Session file objects have new fields:

  • friendlyName indicates the plain english name of the file.
  • type indicates the file’s MIME type.
  • size indicates the size of the file.
  • displayEnabled indicates if the file is displayed to attendees.

Attendee endpoints have a new filterable field attendeeLastModified.

Session endpoints have a new filterable field

New endpoints have been added:

  • Appointments:
    • Create Appointment creates a new appointment event.
    • List Available Appointment Times lists all the available appointment time slots.
  • Budget:
    • List Budget Items lists the budget items in an event.
    • Create Budget Item lets you create new budget items in an event.
    • Update Budget Item enables you to update existing budget items in an event.
    • List Budget Totals lists the totals for a budget.
  • Contacts:
    • Delete Contact Profile Picture allows you to delete a contact’s profile pictures.
    • List Contact Groups lists all the contact groups in your account.
  • Exhibitors:
    • List E-literature Requests lists the e-literature requests exhibitors have received.
  • Housing:
    • Link Reservation allows you to connect a reservation request to an available reservation.
    • Unlink Reservation lets you disconnect a reservation request from a reservation.
  • Sessions:
    • List Attendance Duration serves you the amount of time an attendee was engaged with a session, video or appointment.
  • Surveys:
    • Create Event Survey Respondent creates an event survey respondent.
    • Update Event Survey Respondent updates an existing event survey respondent.
    • Create Event Survey Responses creates responses for event survey respondents.


Attendee objects have deprecated showPopupNotification, indicating if the attendee would be shown pop-up notifications in the Attendee Hub web or mobile app.

File objects have deprecated the following fields:

  • created
  • createdBy
  • lastModified
  • lastModifiedBy

Contact group objects have deprecated the note field, as the data was moved to the newly released internalNote field.

Session endpoints has deprecated the and as filterable fields.

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