REST API Updates (February 2023)



Attendance duration can now be filtered by:

  •  (eq|ne|in) of the related event.
  •  (eq|ne|in) of the related session.
  •  (eq|ne|in) of the related attendee.
  • type  (contains|eq|ne|in), or the method that duration was marked (via OnArrival, RFID tracker, added via API, etc.)

Sessions can now be filtered by customField, where you supply the uuid of a custom session field.


New filters have been added to transactions and transaction items. These can be filtered by their processorTransactionId, the unique ID of the payment processor.

Event survey’s question type field has a new option: NumberAllocation. This type of question is one where respondents provide numbered responses to specific categories that must add up to a specific value.

New properties have been added to Reservation Requests

  • externalId is a unique ID from an external system.
  • attendeeType  is the attendee‘s type in the housing event where the reservation request originates from.
  • roomType is the type of room requested.
  • rewardProgram  is the reward program associated with the reservation request.
  • membershipId is the unique ID of the user in the reward program.
  • travelDetails The specifics of the reserver’s flights include arrival, departure and additional notes.
  • bookingContact is the group booking’s unique ID.

A new sort option was added to speakers.

New endpoints were added:

  • Launch Event Features. Activates event features in your event.
  • Get Resource Type. Gets the details of a single resource type for Cvent’s implementation of SCIM.
  • Get Schema. Gets the details of a user schema and its extension models representing the user and SCIM groups (representing Cvent user roles). This endpoint works with account users only and excludes other types like portal users.
  • List Users. Gets a list of users in your account. This endpoint works with account users only and excludes other types like portal users.


Attendance duration had one filter removed. durationType was removed.

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