Added new endpoints:

  • List Videos. Gets a paginated list of videos associated with your account or event.
  • List Audio Tracks. Gets a list of audio tracks for a specific video ID.
  • List Video Renditions. Gets a list of video renditions for a specific video ID.
  • List Text Tracks. Gets a list of video text tracks for a specific video ID.
  • Create Text Track. Creates a new text track (VTT) object for a specific video. This endpoint does not directly handle the upload of VTT files but instead returns a location URL that you use to perform the upload.
  • Update Text Track. Updates a specific video text track by ID. This is done by setting the status to Updating within the body of this call, which will prompt the service to return a signed upload link in the returned entity.
  • Delete Contact. Deletes a contact from the address book but does not remove the contact from events.
  • Merge Contacts. Merges two or three contacts into a single contact.
  • List Contact Hooks. Gets a list of contact hooks. A Hook is a  URI pointing to your system. When requested, Cvent will retrieve contact data from this URI and populate a contact’s details.
  • Create Contact Hook. Creates a contact hook with an callback URI to fetch updated information for contacts.
  • Update Contact Hook. Update a contact hook’s details, including its associated callback URI.
  • List Email Status. Gets the status of emails using unique email request ID that was generated as a response of Send Email To Recipients request.
  • List Email Templates. Gets a list of eMarketing email templates.
  • Send Email To Recipients. Sends an email to one or more eMarketing campaign recipients who are on the recipient list.
  • List eMarketing Campaigns. Gets a list of eMarketing campaigns.
  • List Questions. Gets a paginated list of event and standalone surveys questions.
  • List Respondents. Gets a paginated list of event and standalone surveys respondents.
  • List Responses. Gets a paginated list of event and standalone survey responses.

Added new enum values to the attendee activities type field:

  • event.bannerLinkClicked. The link on the banner clicked by an attendee.
  • event.customCardOpened. When a custom card is opened by an attendee.
  • session.pollResponseSubmitted. The poll created for a session.
  • session.questionAsked. The question asked activity details for the session.
  • session.questionUpvoted. This denotes the question asked in the session.


Updated a number of endpoints to support auth code flow.

Updated Create Contact Group endpoint to support filtering on type field.

Updated attendee response, added following enums:

  • Administrator Responded Widget
  • Group Leader Responded Widget
  • Self-Responded Widget


The following fields were deprecated from the contact model:

  • event
  • parentId
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