REST API Updates (June 2023)



The following fields were updated:

  • The event object’s type field was updated. CventWebinar was added as a valid option and HostedWebinar was removed.
  • The webcast object’s solutionType field was updated. Embedded Cvent Studio was added as a valid option.


Additional fields were added to the following objects:

  • The contact object had the nickname field added. This is an alternate name the contact is known by.
  • The budget item object had the deleted field added. True indicates the budget item is deleted.
  • The webcast object had the autoAddToLibrary field added. This field indicates if live stream recordings will automatically be saved to the library.
  • The file object had the fileSize field added. This field describes the size of the file in bytes.

The following endpoints were added:

  • Delete Card Transaction. Allows you to delete a credit card transaction record.
  • Update Card Transaction. Allows you to update a credit card transaction record.
  • List Contact Types. Gets a paginated list of contact types in your account.
  • Create Custom Field. Creates a single custom field based on the values provided.
  • Update Custom Field. Updates a custom field based on the given custom field ID.

Additional query parameters were added to endpoints:

  • List Event Surveys added before and after.
  • List Standalone Surveys added before and after.
  • List Surveys added before and after.

We have expanded Authorization Code flow support across many endpoints.

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