REST API Updates (May 2021)



  • Added API to retrieve attendee insights, scores and stats
    •  GET /attendee-insights
    •  GET /attendee-insights/{id}
    •  GET /attendee-insights/{id}/scores
    •  GET /attendee-insights/{id}/stats
    • Added new scopes:
      • attendee-insights:attendee-insights:read
      • attendee-insights:scores:read
      • attendee-insights:stats:read
  • Added endpoint to retrieve event registration types
    • GET /events/{id}/registration-types
    • Added new scope:
      • event/registration-types:read
  • Added endpoint to update event custom field answers
    • PUT /events/{id}/custom-fields/{customFieldId}/answers


  • Updated /events:
    • Added field format to to denote in-person, virtual, or hybrid events
    • Added field eventStatus
    • Added filter
    • Added filter eventStatus
    • Added filter format


  • Deprecated virtual field in /sessions
  • Deprecated stakeholders.workFax and stakeholders.workAddress fields in /event


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