The attendee object has additional values for the responseMethod  field:

  • Cvent Salesforce App
  • Cvent Salesforce App – Campaign Page
  • Cvent Salesforce App – Contact Page
  • Cvent Salesforce App – Event Page
  • Cvent Salesforce App – Lead Page
  • Cvent Salesforce App – Person Account Page
  • Cvent Salesforce App – Recommendation Widget

The attendee object had the following responseMethod value removed: Events App for Salesforce.

The Update Attendee action now supports adding a paid session.

Other minor documentation improvements.


New properties have been added to existing objects:

  • Hotel Reservation added the callCenter field to store the URL for the passkey call center.
  • Transaction object added the reconciliations  field to allow users to assign a transaction to a budget item.
  • Event Survey object added the parentId  field to denote the parent survey.
  • Session object added the following:
    • automaticallyOpensOn  indicates the date/time the session will automatically open for registration.
    • automaticallyClosesOn  indicates the date/time the session will automatically close for registration.
    • waitlistCapacity  indicates the maximum number of registrants that can waitlist a session.
    • displayOnAgenda  indicates if the session should display on the event’s website promotional pages.

New endpoints have been added:

  • Appointments
    • List Appointment Types lists all the appointment types attendees or planners can choose for a particular event.
    • List Locations  lists all the appointment locations where attendees can meet at a particular event.
  • Events
    • Create Event Async lets you create a new event and populates its details.
    • Get Event Async Status lets you check the status of a create event request.
    • Update Event  lets you update the details of an existing event.
    • Copy Event lets you copy an existing event and select which features to copy.
    • Get Event Copy Status  lets you check the status of a copy event request.
  • Event Features
    • Get Event Features  lets you view the features enabled on a particular event.
    • Update Event Features lets you update an event and enable/disable a feature, like registration or surveys.
  • Exhibitors
    • List Exhibitor Registration Packs retrieves all registration packs associated with an exhibitor in an event.
  • Surveys
    • List Surveys list all event and standalone surveys in the account.
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