REST API Updates (September 2023)

General, Event Management


Added new endpoints:

  • Update Advanced Logic lets you update the advanced logic on custom fields.
  • Get Air Actual. Gets attendees air actual details for an event.
  • Get Air Requests. Get attendee air request details for an event.
  • Get Hotel Requests. Get attendee hotel requests for an event.
  • List Large Choices. Gets a paginated list of choices for large-choice questions.

Added OAuth2 Authorization Code flow support to Transaction and Order endpoints.

List Speakers added the locale  query parameter, allowing you to specify the desired locale of values returned.

Create Appointment allows you to specify a code for the appointment.


List Event Survey Questions, List Stdl. Survey Questions and List Questions updated to support a new `type` of question, large choice  questions.

List Questions updated filterable fields to include maxScore.

List Card Transactions updated filterable fields to include reconciliations.reconciledDate.

Documentation updated to clarify only one filter at a time is supported on the following endpoints:

  • List Availability
  • List Available Times
  • List Interests
  • List Appointments

List Surveys updated supported types of surveys to include assessment.

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