SOAP API Apex WSDL for Salesforce Update

General, Event Management

On Feb 19, 2021, Cvent’s SOAP API Apex WSDL for Salesforce is updated to include three new API calls:
  • RetrieveEventDetails
  • RetrieveEventQuestions
  • RetrieveGuests
These API calls will allow customers integrating with Cvent’s SOAP API from directly within the platform to retrieve data related to the EventDetails, EventQuestion, and Guest objects. Customers who wish to use these new API calls will need to download the latest version of the WSDL from and re-import it into Salesforce using the Apex2WSDL feature.
For more information on using Cvent’s SOAP API Apex WSDL directly within the platform, see Integrating Cvent with Salesforce.
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