Upcoming Update to Cvent’s WSDL File [Updated]

Event Management

On April 19th, we’ll be making an update to Cvent’s WSDL file. This may require you to update your WSDL file to the newest version.

For testing purposes, the changes are currently available in the Cvent Sandbox region. You can access the updated WSDL here: http://sandbox-api.cvent.com/soap/V200611.ASMX?WSDL

What’s changing and why?

This update will enable planner to submit and retrieve “Meeting Requests” in different supporting languages, Planner need to add a valid LocaleCode while Create and Update Meeting Requests in the different languages.

The DescribeGlobal API call will also return the list of Locale’s available.

Note – * if the locale Code is blank in the call request would be submitted with default/base language

What calls will be affected?

If your integration with Cvent uses any of the following API calls, you may need to update your WSDL file to accommodate this change:

Name of API call-   CreateMeetingRequest

Object Type-    MeetingRequest

Name of API call-  UpdateMeetingRequest

Object Type- MeetingRequest

Name of API call-  DescribeGlobal

Object Type- DescribeGlobalResult.LookUp

If you’re using this object, then this update may require changes to your code. For further questions about the impact of this change, please reach out to Client Services.

** The release date was previously incorrect (November 4) and has been updated to April 19th 2021

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