Upcoming Update to Cvent’s WSDL File


On Wednesday June 9th, an update will be made to Cvent’s WSDL file which may require you to update your WSDL file to the newest version on that date. If you are using a locally installed WSDL file, you may need to update it with the new one

For testing purposes, the changes are currently available in the Cvent Sandbox region: https://sandbox-api.cvent.com/SOAP/V200611.ASMX?wsdl

The current version of the WSDL file can be found here:  https://api.cvent.com/soap/V200611.ASMX?WSDL

What is changing? And, why?

This update will allow planners to retrieve the new Air Actual fields available in Flex events. The new fields are:

Journey Type – One Way or Round Trip

Journey Segment – Going to Event or Leaving Event


What calls will be affected?

If your integration with Cvent makes use of the following API call, you may need to update your WSDL file to accommodate for this change:

–    Retrieve AirActuals

Please note that this update will not require any changes to your code, only an update to the WSDL file that you are utilizing.

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