Upcoming Update to Cvent’s WSDL File [Postponed]

Event Management

*** Update from November 18th – this release has been postponed until further notice ***

On November 20th, an update will be made to Cvent’s WSDL file which may require you to update your WSDL file to the newest version (which can be found at https://api.cvent.com/soap/V200611.ASMX?WSDL) on that date. For your testing, the changes are currently available in the Cvent Sandbox region. (https://sandbox-api.cvent.com/SOAP/V200611.ASMX?wsdl).

What is changing? And, why?

A new field is being introduced in the CopyEvent and CreateNoRegEvent call to add support for Hybrid and Virtual event creation. The new field is:


The field has 3 possible values:
0 – In-Person
1 – Virtual
2- Hybrid

What calls will be affected?

If your integration with Cvent makes use of the following API call, you may need to update your WSDL file to accommodate for this change:



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