Cvent SOAP API Updates


On May 4, 2018, an update will be made to Cvent’s SOAP API calls. However, it won’t require you to update your WSDL file on that date.

What is changing? And, why?

To ensure all our customers are GDPR compliant we are adding a new consent type custom field to Contact Custom Fields. However, since the new field type will have some additional properties we won’t be able to create or update these custom fields using the SOAP API calls.

What calls will be affected?

  • Create Custom Field: No change – the consent type option won’t be available while creating new contact custom fields.
  • Update Custom Field: The update call won’t make any changes to the Consent Custom Fields. If we try to update this field, the output will return an error message.
  • Retrieve Custom Field: No change – The retrieve call will allow users to retrieve all custom fields including the consent field.

Note: These changes will not require any changes to the WSDL file or your code.

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