Version 2.1 of the Events App for Salesforce has been released!

General, Event Management

We are excited to announce the release of Version 2.1 of the Events App for Salesforce!

  • Attendee Email Status Sync is now a part of Attendee Status Sync: Attendee Email Status Sync has been combined with the Attendee Status Sync. This means invitation email statuses will be synced to Salesforce anytime the Attendee Data Sync button is clicked or when the Contact data refresh is performed. This also means that you can now configure the frequency with which the attendee’s invitation email statuses are synced (previously, email statuses would only sync every 10 minutes).


  • Event date/time fields are separated into individual date and time fields: Event date/time fields (Archive Date & Time, Start Date & Time, End Date & Time, and Registration Deadline) have been split into two fields each, one for the date and one for the time (ex: Archive Date and Archive Time). This allows you to have more flexibility when configuring various aspects of the app, such as visibility.


  • Minor bug fixes
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